Anxiety and Panic


If you struggle with anxiety and worry, even experience panic attacks, know that you are not alone. Many mature and productive people experience anxiety and panic.

Your body is designed to react to perceived threats by flooding you with adrenaline and other stress hormones. By focusing all your attention on a life threatening event you can either fight, flee, or freeze. What's meant to help you fight and survive predators in olden times, becomes often a nuisance in modern times. Your internal warning light goes off every time you feel emotionally threatened.

If you experience frequent anxiety and panic, you are most likely suffering under an over-active Nervous System that goes off all the time. Sadly, people can get stuck in anxiety patterns that reinforce themselves. The more you worry and experience panic, the more likely it is that your brain will replay those patterns. This leads you to feel increasingly hopeless over your anxiety and panic.

Luckily, anxiety can be treated relatively easily and successfully.

In therapy, I can teach you how to understand your Nervous System and engage in steps to calm it down before it goes off on you. We can identify your personal anxiety triggers and you can learn to respond differently to them.

Other coping patterns that you needed to fight anxiety, like over-eating, using substances, avoiding issues in your life etc. suddenly become less prevalent for you. We can deal with those issues too if they keep lingering.

Many of my clients now lead happy, balanced lives, where anxiety and panic is an issue of the past.